Sula and John

Welcome to Sula and John Translations, Inc., where Sula Godfrey-Jensen and John Jensen offer their expert translation and interpretation services.  They specialize in Conference Interpeting in Portuguese, Spanish, and English, but also provide many other services.  Click on the Services tab above.  They work together or separately.

Sula: Born and raised in Brazil, she holds a B.A. in English and Portuguese and a graduate degree in Interpreting from the Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro.  With extended residence and study in Bolivia, Trinidad and the United States, she has perfected her Spanish and English.and has been active in conference interpreting since 1990 with hundreds of the most prestigious assignments covered, including many international diplomatic events.  

John:  U.S. born and raised, with extended residence in Brazil and Colombia, he holds a Ph.D. from Harvard University in Romance Langauges and Literatures.  Currently retired from teaching, he enjoyed a 40-year university career.  His first published translation appeared in 1970 and he did his first conference interpretation in 1980, and has done more than 400 international conferences and translated nineteen books.