Sula and John

 We offer the following services in Portuguese, Spanish, and English, with extensive experience in all of these areas:

Interpretation (oral):

  • Conferences:  Business, diplomatic, governmental, military, academic, religious, NGOs and charitable organizations;
  • Video: Live television (we did William and Kate's wedding into Portuguese for Brazilian cable TV), talk shows, video conferences, voice-over narration;
  • Consecutive:  Depositions, trials, independent medical exams, examinations under oath, interviews, group or individual escorting, event "whisper mode," on-stage stand-up interpreting of speeches, etc.

Translation (written):

  • Business documents of all kinds, including advertising, brochures, signs, financial and other internal papers;
  • Legal documents: briefs, forms, contracts, notices, summonses;
  • Presentations:  PowerPoints, talks, outlines, summaries
  • Academic:  articles, books, transcripts, course descriptions
  • Literature:  fiction and non-fiction books, stories, children's literature;
  • Website localization


  • Sight translation (oral rendition of a written document)
  • Transcription and translation of recorded material, including surveillance tapes
  • Translation and recording of video soundtracks 


  • Conference interpretation equipment:  we can arrange equipment for any size of event through our strategic partners;
  • Small-meeting equipment:  We have our own SI equipment for smaller meetings and we specialize in NGOs, religious groups, charities, associations and agencies which may not be adequately served by big commercial providers.